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Band members dance the night away at BuckeyeThon

February 20, 2017
Members of the band at Buckeyethon

Members of the Ohio State Marching and Athletic Bands traded in their scarlet and gray for yellow and participated in the 2017 BuckeyeThon, a 24-hour dance marathon that aims to raise money for pediatric cancer patients being treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

TBDBITL siblings: Ryan and Jeremy Parr

February 1, 2017
Ryan and Jeremy Parr at the Oklahoma Game

For both Ryan and Jeremy Parr, marching band wasn’t exactly an instant passion. Despite being a few years apart in age, the brothers have similar stories of how they came to genuinely love marching band and Ohio State.

TBDBITL siblings: Cody and Cory Faist

January 19, 2017
photo of Cody and Cory Faist

While hundreds of siblings have come through the Ohio State Marching Band throughout its history, it is unlikely that two brothers have ever been in KL-Row playing sousaphone at the same time.

That is, until Cory and Cody Faist showed up.

TBDBITL siblings: Abby and Kayla Duncan

December 21, 2016
photo of Kayla and Abby Duncan

It’s not uncommon for a younger sibling to look up to their older brother or sister. It’s a rare opportunity, however, that this admiration can be taken to the field.

Senior Reflections

December 20, 2016
Photo of the ramp entrance during the 2016 Michigan game

Before the Ohio State Marching Band took the field at the Ohio State-Michigan game to end the regular season, a few senior members offered their reflections on their time with the OSUMB.

TBDBITL siblings: David and William Giffin

December 12, 2016
photo of David and William Giffin

For anyone else, the trombone may be just another brass instrument. However, for William and David Giffin, it’s as important as the family that passed it down to them.