Updates to 2020 Marching Band Tryouts

July 23, 2020

Updates to 2020 Marching Band Tryouts

Bell of a sousaphone


With tryouts for the 143rd edition of The Ohio State University Marching Band fast approaching, we would like to update you on changes we are making to the tryout process and schedule for this year. We know this will look different that in previous years, but we hope this guide will be easy to follow and provide you with straightforward information about our tryout process for this season. All items below are still subject to change, so please check back frequently. Should you have any questions, please feel free to let us know at osumb@osu.edu.

All those who wish to try out for the band are required to complete our tryout form.

Tryout adjustments for the 2020 Ohio State University Marching Band:

  1. Music auditions will be conducted via video submission and will be required of all new candidates and all veteran band members.
  2. Marching auditions are not taking place this year.
  3. Any student who needs an instrument for tryouts should contact the band office at 614-292-2598 OR osumb@osu.edu. Instruments are now available for pickup.


Thursday, July 30

Music audition sheet made available to all students registered for tryouts.

Wednesday, August 19

All music audition videos due at noon.

Saturday, August 22

Students who auditioned will be informed of the results in a Zoom meeting at 5 p.m. A notice will be posted on the band website shortly after the meeting is over.


Music auditions will be required for every student who wishes to be a part of the 2020 OSUMB. Any veteran band member whose music audition necessitates the completion of a marching audition will be notified by Thursday, August 20, at 5 p.m.

Video content for music audition:

Introduction – please introduce yourself by name, instrument, hometown, year in

school, major (say “undecided” if you don’t yet have a major!), and 2020 year in band (1st through 5th)

Audition Sheet (Brass)

  1. Major scales – DO NOT PERFORM
  2. Chromatic scale (ascending and descending), starting on the note of your choice to demonstrate range
  3. Flexibility – Two times through with metronome (First as written, then descending by half step); choose a tempo between 80 and 96 bpm
  4. Articulation – Three times through with metronome (First as written, then ascending by half step); choose a tempo between 112 and 120 bpm
  5. Lyrical Etude – without metronome
  6. Technical Etude – without metronome
  7. Swing Etude – without metronome
  8. School Song – play Buckeye Battle Cry with verse and one chorus

Guidelines for creating videos:

  1. The entire tryout sheet should be played in one sitting. There should be NO editing of audio or video during the tryout sheet playthrough, including any time taken between playing exercises.
  2. The video must clearly show your face, hands and instrument throughout the audition.
  3. Take the time to get your setup working for you. If you have multiple devices that you could use to record (video camera, smartphone, computer, tablet), use the device that provides the best AUDIO quality. Experiment with different distances as well (e.g. your sound might be best recorded with your device on a music stand, or it might be best from a table across the room). Do plenty of testing and listen to yourself to decide what represents your best musicianship.
  4. Upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted or private video, being sure to allow the video to be seen by people with the link. Send the link in an email with subject “Marching Band Music Audition – Instrument – Name” (ex. Marching Band Music Audition – Trombone – Phil Day) to osumb@osu.edu.


Marching auditions are not taking place for the 2020 fall semester.