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Paul Zubrod: 1971

Paul Zubrod.
Paul Zubrod II (OSUMB drum major 1971) introduced changes in show routines by performing to slower concert numbers, which had been considered too difficult to perform. Much to the delight of the stadium fans, and the director, Zubrod maintained dignity by the artistry of his baton using slower, exaggerated movements, choreographed and synchronized to the music. Numerous baton tricks developed over the previous 50 years gave him greater selectivity of baton movements without looking static or repetitious.

Zubrod's taste for improvement was again exemplified by his dramatic entrance while executing the salute to the field. His preliminary stop kick, parade rest and salute were magnificent. He gave the maximum in height to his vertical kick with great physical agility attacked each movement in a karate fashion.

The trend for the drum majors to perform to music was established back in the '30's (throwing the baton up during a crescendo in the music) but never really blossomed until the '70's. Most expert baton twirlers appearing in shows today master routines and perform in a rigorous manner regardless of the music's tempo. At Ohio State, each new show, with new music, requires great flexibility in preparing the manner in which a drum major is to perform. He must relate to the overall performance of the band. Variabilities, such as wind, can change plans instantly. OSU drum majors know generally what they intend to do in a show but also create on the spot.