Summer Sessions


Changes to 2020 Summer Sessions are being made due to the coronavirus as Ohio State is currently closed to all on-campus events. If we are able to hold in-person Summer Sessions, we will update this page.

Sign up today for access to online instruction from our squad leaders as we get ready for 2020 tryouts.

Summer Sessions in 2020 will be conducted via Google Classroom with students required to create a Gmail account for use. Students can fill out the registration form with a non-Gmail address but will need to create a Gmail account once Classroom sessions begin. Downloading the Google Classroom app (Apple Store, Google Play store) is recommended as well. 

Broken up into different virtual classrooms by instrument, students will be able to upload videos of themselves marching and/or playing, watch videos of our fundamentals and get feedback from 2020 marching band squad leaders. We hope this option provides a meaningful experience for all Summer Sessions students in 2020. Squad leaders will provide instruction through videos released with a set schedule.

As of mid-July, in-person marching band tryouts are still on course for mid-August.

While much of the information below has been updated or modified, some of it still applies to in-person Summer Sessions, which may resume after July 6. All information pertaining to in-person or on-campus portions of Summer Sessions do not apply unless we are allowed to resume Summer Sessions in person.

Summer 2020 Schedule
Focus Weeks
Instrument Check-Out
Out-of-State or Unable to Attend
Incoming Freshmen
Preparing for Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions are optional practices that take place in June, July, and August and help both prospective and returning candidates prepare for tryouts. Summer Sessions provide instruction in marching and music fundamentals in a fun, informal setting. They are open to all high school students, Ohio State students and students enrolled at a member college or university of the Higher Education Council of Columbus. A one-time advance registration is required for all students who wish to participate in Summer Sessions.

While a syllabus of fundamentals will be followed during the summer, missing a rehearsal will not put you behind. Squad leaders and veteran marching band members can help you with whatever fundamentals you may have missed. While Summer Sessions can be very beneficial in learning our fundamentals, we like to stress that attending them does not give you an advantage in making the band.

Summer 2020 Schedule

Summer Sessions will begin on June 8 with new videos released throughout the course of the week.

2020 Summer Session Schedule (subject to change)
June: 8, 15, 22, 29
July: 6, 14*, 15*, 16*, 21, 23, 28, 29
August: 4*, 5*, 6*, 10, 11, 12
*Denotes Focus Weeks

Detailed Schedule

Week 1
June 8:  Attention Position, At Ease Position, Chair Step, moving to Attention and At Ease, Instrument Carry Position, Instrument Playing Position, Instruments Up/Down, Left Face, Right Face, About Face
(Corresponding to Videos 1, 2, and 3)

Week 2
June 15:  Arm Swing, Mark Time, Mark Time Training Drill, Halt-Kick-Down, 8-to-5 Marching
(Corresponding to Videos 4 and 5)

Week 3
June 22:  Horn Flashes, Left Flank, Right Flank, Step Forward About Face, To-the-Rear (Regular TTR), Box TTR, Slide TTR
(Corresponding to Videos 6, 7, 8, and 9)
Across the Field (chorus-break-chorus) memorized if possible

Week 4
June 29:  Backward Marching, 6-to-5 Marching, Adjusted Step, Step Kicks
(Corresponding to Videos 10, 11, 12, and 13)

Week 5
July 6:  Lateral Slide, Horn Slide, Backward Lateral Slide, Obliques
(Corresponding to Videos 14 and 15)
SHORT Beautiful Ohio memorized if possible

Week 6 – Focus Week 1
Tuesday, July 14:  Review all fundamentals, extended music session
Wednesday, July 15:  Review all fundamentals, extended music session
Thursday, July 16:  Step-Turn, Side-Step and Step Side, Slow Turn, Hats Off / Vet Ramp
Buckeye Battle Cry memorized
(Corresponding to Videos 16, 17, and 18)

Week 7
Tuesday, July 21:  Ramp, Halftime Concepts (Step 2, Step 4 drills).  Vet Sloopy.
Thursday, July 23:  Hang On Sloopy
Hang on Sloopy memorized
(Corresponding to Videos 19 and 20)

Week 8
Tuesday, July 28:  Review all fundamentals
I Wanna Go Back memorized
Wednesday, July 29:  Review all fundamentals, Mock Tryout Drill

Week 9 – Focus Week 2
Tuesday, August 4:  Extended music session, review all fundamentals, begin mock tryouts.
Down by the Ohio memorized
Wednesday, August 5:  Extended music session, review all fundamentals, mock tryouts
Thursday, August 6:  Extended music session, review all fundamentals, mock tryouts

Week 10
Monday, August 10:  Review all fundamentals, mock tryouts
Tuesday, August 11:  Review all fundamentals, mock tryouts
Wednesday, August 12:  Review all fundamentals, mock tryouts

Focus Weeks

Two weeks of Summer Sessions will be designated as "Focus Weeks," which will provide a review of music and marching fundamentals covered to that point over three rehearsals. If you're an out-of-state student or simply unavailable to attend as many Summer Sessions as you'd like, these Focus Weeks are specifically designed to bring you up to speed over a short period of time. The first Focus Week will be July 14-16, and the second will be August 4-6. We unfortunately are not able to provide housing during Focus Weeks.

Instrument Check-Out

Instrument check-out is still being determined for Summer Sessions in 2020. Please check back for more information.


If you wish to park on campus while attending Summer Sessions, there are a few options. All on-campus parking requires payment.  The Tuttle Park Place Garage is located across the street from the Band Center, and payment is collected when exiting the garage. 

You may also park in the surface lots around Ohio Stadium. There are pay-by-plate machines that will allow you to pay for a certain amount of time, or you can use the Parkmobile app. If you use the app, please be sure to enter the correct zone number.  The West Stadium Lot is 69344, the Northeast Stadium Lot is 69323, the Southeast Stadium Lot is 69331 and the Midtower Lot is 69322. Zone numbers are also posted by lot entrances.

If you plan on attending multiple sessions, you might want to consider getting a visitor permit or, if you are an Ohio State affiliate, a campus pass. 

After 4 p.m., any campus pass holder (including West Campus passes) can park in a non-reserved central campus parking space in surface lots.

The Ohio State Marching and Athletic Bands is not responsible for any parking citations or fines incurred.

Out-of-State or Unable To Attend

Don’t worry about being left behind! Our veteran marching band members will help get you caught up on the fundamentals taught throughout the summer. This summer, we are offering two Focus Weeks (July 14-16 and August 4-6) that each will provide a review of music and marching fundamentals, so you can catch up without having to attend sessions over multiple weeks. You can also upload a video of yourself marching to YouTube and our squad leaders will review it and give you feedback. Get in touch with us at to let us know how we can best help you. 

Incoming First-Year Students

As an incoming first-year student, you may attend Summer Sessions during your summer orientation! Check the schedule and see if there are any sessions during your time on campus. Often, students will schedule a Wednesday/Thursday orientation to be able to attend Summer Sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


Tryouts will be held on August 16-17, with Candidate Days on August 14-15 being required for all who have not been members of The Ohio State University Marching Band before. Tryout registration will open on June 1, 2020, and tryouts will still be held as scheduled as of April.

Preparing for Summer Sessions

  • Drinking 8-12 ounces of water four hours before the beginning of practice, then again two hours before practice. During practice, drink fluids early and as often as thirst and common sense drive. Sports drinks might be helpful for heavy sweat situations.
  • Eat healthy carbohydrates and foods with lean protein in the meals before practice (e.g. turkey sandwich on whole grain, quinoa with chicken, chicken marsala). Fruit is always a performance food for the carbs and electrolytes as you get closer to start time. Pretzels or similar low fat chips can help with fueling and hydration.
  • Wear comfortable athletic clothing and good athletic shoes.
  • Warm-up before marching by stretching.
  • Be familiar with musical scales.
  • Start becoming familiar with our school songs (Across the Field, Buckeye Battle Cry, etc.).