Become a Drum Major


Think you've got what it takes to be drum major at Ohio State? The drum major position is highly athletic and requires dedication, skill training and leadership. The Ohio State University Marching Band offers several opportunities for high school students to learn this unique style.

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The Ohio State University Marching Band offers an exclusive program for high school students to learn the Ohio State style of drum majoring.

About the Program

Potential drum majors at training camp.
At Ohio State, the drum major blends both traditional and innovative techniques of twirling and showmanship in every performance in order to generate great audience excitement and enthusiasm. As a student in our program, you will get the chance to learn the basics in drum major leadership and responsibilities, twirling, strutting and performance from the current drum major.

The high school drum major training program is looking for high school students who demonstrate leadership and athletic ability to join the program.

How to Get Involved

Training will take place on the campus of The Ohio State University throughout the winter, spring and summer. There is no cost for the training, but students are required to buy their own baton.

Students may also take part in the annual Drum Major Spring Clinic. This event is held during April in conjunction with the Spring Game. To learn more about participating in this event, check out ourĀ Spring Clinic training program.

Drum major leads the band at the Spring Game.