Lee Sartore: 1991

Lee Sartore.
At the age of seven, Lee Sartore first saw Dwight Hudson perform in a parade in Arlington, Ohio, it was then that Lee Sartore decided that he wanted to become the Drum Major of the OSUMB. Growing up with this dream wasn’t always easy for Lee. Most boys were stereotyped to be throwing footballs and basketballs instead of batons. However, Sartore clung to the dream, through many years of trials and practice, he finally achieved the ultimate experience in 1991.

“My participation in The Ohio State University Marching Band as a Drum Major provided many great times and taught me skills that have guided me through tough times. When times are tough, I can look back and remember that with perseverance I can reach great heights.” said Sartore.

The OSUMB was a critical component of this life lesson for Sartore. “I have never found another organization that can compare with the OSUMB. I am very proud to have been a part of the most inspiring, reputable, and motivating organization in the world.”