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Marching Band Students Selected for 145th Edition of TBDBITL

August 16, 2022

Marching Band Students Selected for 145th Edition of TBDBITL

Script Ohio performed at Ohio Stadium

With an unprecedented five new halftime shows in five weeks to begin the season, the 145th edition of The Ohio State University Marching Band will have its work cut out for it in 2022.

On Monday night, the newest members of that group were selected. On Tuesday morning, they got right to rehearsal.

Following a five-day tryout process, the band’s 249 newest members heard their names read aloud in the rehearsal hall of the Steinbrenner Band Center. That total includes the band’s 228 music-playing members, the nine members of D Row — the drum major training row — and 12 student staff members. More than 360 students tried out for the band this year.

“We’re really excited about the 145th edition of The Best Damn Band in the Land, and we’re looking forward to a great season,” said Dr. Christopher Hoch, director of Marching and Athletic Bands at Ohio State. “We had a great group of students try out this year, and we’re proud of the work they’ve done so far.”

The tryout process began on Thursday when the band’s 35 performing squad leaders — who are chosen for those positions by their peers in the off-season — officially earned their position in the band with a music and marching audition.

On Friday and Saturday, potential first-time members of the band took part in Candidate Days where they learned the band’s unique marching style to prepare for the full, scored tryout process.

On Sunday and Monday, those potential first-year candidates joined the band’s veterans for two days of scored tryouts. Candidates were scored on their music abilities during a Sunday-morning session and then had four scored marching sessions combined on Sunday and Monday.

All students in the marching band, including returning members, must earn their spot each season. Veterans are not guaranteed a spot in the band on a year-to-year basis.

Members of the 2021 band come from 15 different states: California, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. Fifty-eight (58) different students are newcomers to the band this year.

For the second time in as many years, the band will include sixth-year students in 2022. Students have only been allowed five years of eligibility since the 1970s, but anyone who made the band in 2020 did not have that season count toward their five-year total. Sixth-year members in 2022 will be Eric Vermillion, Nathan Adkins and Quintin O’Boyle.

The 2022 season will begin with one of the biggest games of the season as the No. 2 Ohio State football team welcomes No. 5 Notre Dame to Ohio Stadium on September 3. That game will mark the first of five consecutive weeks with new halftime shows to entertain the crowd in the ’Shoe.

Included in that stretch is the Sept. 17 game against Toledo which will feature the alumni marching band’s return to Columbus for its 53rd annual performance with the current band.

TBDBITL will present eight new halftime shows in 2022, one for each home game. The band also plans to travel to Penn State as the Buckeyes face the Nittany Lions on October 29 in University Park, Pennsylvania.

Starting Tuesday, the band begins its three-a-day week, with three rehearsal blocks each day from 9 a.m.-12 p.m., 2-5 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. Beginning on Monday, the band returns to its normal rehearsal schedule from 4:10-6:15 p.m. each weekday. All outdoor rehearsals are held at Lincoln Tower Park just south of Ohio Stadium and are open to the public.

TBDBITL 145 Members
Newcomers in italics

A Row
Squad Leader: Jamie Bossenbroek
Assistant Squad Leader: Jacob Haehn
Bobby Petty
Justin Barnes
Taylor Klunk
Kyle Macatangay
Kevin Agyekum
Andrew Olszewski
Spencer Hurt
Nick Schnitzspahn
Jordan Bechtol
Henry Kochensparger
Robert McCutcheon
Bryan Hobson, Jr.

B Row
Squad Leader: Julia Moxley
Assistant Squad Leader: Nick Routh
Arianna Goodrich
Eric Pattison
Blake Hassay
Kylie Hicks
Sofia Barragan
Luke Atkins
Madison Bricker
Dillon Portz
Diego Leon
Ann Stallsmith
Favius Pena
Will Fisher

C Row
Squad Leader: Nathan Hochstetler
Assistant Squad Leader: Tyler Kotaka
Anastasia Muenz
Noah Bungart
Kyle Short
Jackson Chapman
William Gilicinski
Emma Dixon
Alexander Britt
Payton Greulich
Mia Craigo
Owen Hennessey
Samuel Baker
Matthew Gerstner

D Row
Head Drum Major: Austin Bowman
Assistant Drum Major: Dalton Cararo
Clayton Callender
Joshua Ford
Isaiah Heyman

Jake Radcliffe
Nick Ball
Ash Harmon
Aidan Walsh

E Row
Squad Leader: Crosbee Lisser
Assistant Squad Leader: Dan Havens
Kenneth Polta
Olivia Boden
Will McAuley
Ray Johnson
Zach Thompson
Mac Kazin
Emma Brunswick
Robbie Chapman
Makenna Hack
Elizabeth Geil
Tony DeRosa
Chris White

F Row
Squad Leader: Tori Mollenkopf
Assistant Squad Leader: Devin Fogerty
Hayden Hostetler
Charlotte Stefani
Owen Kovach
Griffin Heintz
Phillip Brown
Nathan Adkins
Hikari Nawa
Alexander Myers
Nathan Greenberg
Benjamin Prochaska
Michael Herring
Nick Olney

H Row
Squad Leader: Hanna Hutchins
Assistant Squad Leader: Mark Kostyack
Katie Reed
Adam Whitman
Zach Ferko
Trevor Paul
Jaykuhn Song
Jacob Carlson
Nicholas Gilicinski
Andrew Scott
Andrew Eynon
Carter Greenlees
Ayden Casa
Alayah Robinson

I Row
Squad Leader: Ryan Harris
Assistant Squad Leader: Eric Vermillion
Faris Matus
Justin Williams
Nathan Criss
Brendan Barcus
Richard Kelly
Matthew Chalk
Cameron Dhume
Isaiah Partridge
Will Terrell
Payton Yaffe
Thomas Agre
Ethan Strohacker

J Row
Squad Leader: Caleb Richardson
Assistant Squad Leaders: Sarah Ellis, Sophie Gallucci
Abby Dickman
Justin Monroe
Max Reynolds
Michaela Poeppelmeier
Alex Burlison
Ray Bertke
Jason Shuman
Justin Boes
Adam Mayo
Emily Harbison
Andrew Haines
Joseph Speidel
Owen Morris

Samantha Manning
Zarek Ahmed

K Row
Squad Leader: Avery Voress
Assistant Squad Leader: Zach de Mesa
Nick Pisanelli
Joseph Orr
Sam George
Michael Sterling
Dylan Penka
Ryan Schoeff
Chris Cortese
Cameron Reinbolt
Brody Hyre
Kelly Scott
Noah Jockett
Sydney Reeves

L Row
Squad Leader: Bradley Krak
Assistant Squad Leader: A.J. Frasure
Michael Troller
Max Cogswell
Ethan Kowalski
Carter Tull
Sean Bauman
Andrew Moulas
Andrew Boden
Isabel Slaven
Jake Blevins
Kamren Zirger
Brayden Hyder
Conner Click

M Row
Squad Leader: Patrick Rhonemus
Assistant Squad Leader: Julia Stoffiere
Selin Timur
Bradley Sutton
Jacob English
Zach Baruch
Davis Aho
Aidan Pukansky
Grace Bittence
Xavier Lindenmayer
Anthony Simon
Lauren Parrett
Alex Ruble
Hannah Lyons

Q Row
Squad Leader: Lindsey Spangler
Assistant Squad Leader: Ethan Ours
Callum Murphy
Joseph Wyler
Eric Oxsalida
Katie Moore
Seth Lawhon
Jack Feds
Tristan Miller
Colleen Conard
Matthew Lerner
Olivia Carruthers
Christian Smith
Matthew Pugh

R Row
Squad Leader: Nathan Stevens
Assistant Squad Leader: Scott Snyder
Olivia Sexton
Colin Kovinchick
Kellen Horvath

Sarah Jones
Adeline Harper
Noah Krupa
Nathan Savino
Alex Mazik
Olivia Spradlin
Melissa Brewer
Keri Stout
Julia Jenkins

S Row
Squad Leader: Joe Bertrand
Assistant Squad Leader: Nick Denino
Quentin Bouanna
Brady Phillips
Carter Smyke
Ethan Kelly
Jeremy Bogen
Andrew Scherley
Kenneth Shafer
Colton New
Ethan Rose
Matthew Curie
Alexander Schroeder
Dylan Daugherty

T Row
Squad Leader: Christy Welder
Assistant Squad Leader: Ben Dollenmayer
Carolyn Hensley
Tommy Kasarcik
Stephen Gerstner
Autumn Derosette
Jacob Haines
Bryce Morgensen
Maxwell Hathaway
Will Altman
Jacob Hofer
Nic Miller
Alex Tuma
Jenna Chance

X Row
Squad Leader: Joey Caley
Assistant Squad Leader: Evan Philipp
Nathaniel Bell
Brandon Jiang
Connor McMullen
Ella Wielinski
Alessandro Nocera
Mark Michalke
Brenna Kitchen
Zach Heffner
Eric Luman
Ian Bruns
AJ Alexander
Noah Ketcham

Student Staff
Squad Leader: Jacob Glorioso
Assistant Squad Leader: Alyson McMahon
Sidney Apel
Rachel Giffin
Lauren Lewis
Arianna Kelawala
Bradley Nicely

Quintin O’Boyle
Grace Reven
Lucas Snouffer
Ashley Watkins
Will Weisenburger