142nd Edition of TBDBITL Announced

August 13, 2019

142nd Edition of TBDBITL Announced

The Ohio State Marching Band forms a Script Ohio with fireworks in the background

Following a five-day tryout process that began on Thursday, the 142nd edition of The Ohio State University Marching Band was officially selected on Monday night.

The 228-person squad was chosen by Director of Marching and Athletic Bands Dr. Christopher Hoch and his staff. Using a scoring system that combined musical performance with marching expertise, the staff whittled the candidates down from nearly 400 to reach the final total.

Of the 228 selected, 57 are first-time members of the band. Drum Major Konner Barr and Assistant Drum Major Morgan Davis were selected in the spring, and the band’s 35 squad leaders and assistant squad leaders were selected Thursday. The remaining 193 members went through tryouts starting Friday and were announced Monday evening at the Joan Zeig Steinbrenner Band Center at Ohio Stadium.

“This was one of the most competitive auditions we’ve ever had for membership in The Ohio State University Marching Band,” Hoch said. “We had intense competition in each row, and we believe we have an incredibly strong band this year. We’re greatly looking forward to our first performances in front of Buckeye fans in the coming weeks.”

Members of TBDBITL 142 hail from 13 different states: Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

The band began its official rehearsals Tuesday morning and will practice three times each day for the rest of the week. Normal rehearsal schedule begins August 20.

The Marching Band will first perform for a packed Ohio Stadium crowd when the Buckeyes football team takes on Florida Atlantic to open the season on August 31. Kickoff is scheduled for noon. Skull Session will begin at St. John Arena two hours and 20 minutes before kickoff at 9:40 a.m.

The season opener will also play host to the 2019 Reunion Weekend featuring the Alumni Marching Band. This year’s performance marks the alumni’s 51st annual reunion.

TBDBITL 142 Members
Newcomers in italics

A Row
Squad Leader: Daniel Clemens
Assistant Squad Leader: Brooklynn Howell
Chris Becker
Jamie Bossenbroek
Kyle Macatangay
Emily Doleh
Grant Gerwit
Jacob Haehn
Austin Reigle
Taylor Klunk
Adam Throckmorton
Heather Johnson
Kylie Long
Justin Barnes

B Row
Squad Leader: Kenny Dungan
Assistant Squad Leader: Gordon Weiss
Rachel Chapman
Jacob Ryan
Arianna Goodrich
Gian Valli
Julia Moxley
Sam Howard
Luke Atkins
Ruth Bonnice
Nicholas Routh
Joshua Oconer
Adam Wells
Jared Sweeney

C Row
Squad Leader: Brian Vasilou
Assistant Squad Leader: Parker Stephens
Alexander Britt
Noah Bungart
Anastasia Thiele
Mallory Cooper
Mia Craigo
Nathan Hochstetler
Shaylin Adams
Emma Dixon
Tyler Kotaka
Cody Harris
Jackson Chapman
Owen Hennessey

D Row
Drum Major: Konner Barr
Assistant Drum Major: Morgan Davis
Brayden Deemer
Kyle Hustek
Dalton Cararo
Lucas Blaufuss

E Row
Squad Leader: Amanda Midkiff
Assistant Squad Leader: Olivia Boden
Crosbee Lisser
Nicole Conte
Andrew Carringer
Matthew Friedman
Elizabeth Geil
Makenna Hack
Kenneth Polta
Leo Steinkerchner
Kerry Kole
MacKenzie Kazin
Emma Brunswick
Daniel Havens

F Row
Squad Leader: Matthew Gregory
Assistant Squad Leader: George Smith
Nathan Adkins
Josiah Mertz
Devin Fogerty
Katie Giffin
Sydney Reik
Hikari Nawa
Christopher Luikart
Zach Irwin
Richard Kane
Victoria Mollenkopf
Christopher Lewis
Phillip Brown

H Row
Squad Leader: Josh Mack
Assistant Squad Leader: Collin Goltzene
Carter Bivens
Brandon Bowers
Jacen Sutton
Logan Paice
Colin Williams
Adam Verbsky
Hannah Hutchins
Katie Reed
Andrew Wells
Nathan Miller
Mark Kostyack
Noah Tuggle

I Row
Squad Leader: Jackson Archer
Assistant Squad Leader: Ryan Dunson
Shawn Brown
Jackson McClellan
Kyle Prete
Matthew Chalk
Eric Vermillion
Josh Drouillard
McKenzie Dunn
Nick Greenburg
Ryan Hooper
Lauren Smith
Ryan Harris
Isaiah Partridge

J Row
Squad Leader: Zach Wurzelbacher
Assistant Squad Leaders: Sarah Wood, Michael Mayer
Emily Stemple
Nate Gambill
Dan Rumpz
Michaela Poeppelmeier
John Bishop
Bryan Hare
Adam Ard
Nathanial Wise
Todd Andersen
Brooke Dickson
Max Reynolds
Caleb Richardson
Sophie Gallucci
Glenn Jenkins

Justin Monroe

K Row
Squad Leader: Lindsay Hostetler
Assistant Squad Leader: Taylor Thompson
Jarrett Burns
Chris Cortese
Zach de Mesa
Chase Rudy
Cody Faist
Katie Galuska
Austin Hare
Connor Oppy
Dylan Penka
Avery Voress
Ben Lausin
Michael Sterling

L Row
Squad Leader: Anna Hurley
Assistant Squad Leader: Brett Wiemeken
Ryan Lannutti
Adam Brott
Michael Troller
AJ Frasure
Isabel Slaven
Ben Murawski
Elijah Ponce
Luke Isler
Bradley Krak
Ethan Kowalski
Kamren Zirger
Jacob Blevins

M Row
Squad Leader: Sarah Gibson
Assistant Squad Leader: Elaina Liu
Jordan Baggs
Luke Boyle
Seth Champion
Ryan Exline
Brian Griffiths
Dawson Taylor
Julia Stoffiere
Sawyer Heilshorn
Kamran Khorshidi
Sean O’Brien
Anthony Simon
Patrick Rhonemus

Q Row
Squad Leader: Andrew Tran
Assistant Squad Leader: Vijay Rings
Ben Stefanko
Olivia Carruthers
Joseph Wyler

Taylor Thompson
Lindsey Spangler
Sarah Parise
Seth Lawhon
Matthew Lerner
Colleen Conard

Ethan Ours
Katie Moore
Christian Smith

R Row
Squad Leader: Bailey Clanin
Assistant Squad Leader: Haley Rohaley
Jamey Boezi
Scott Snyder
Cameron Reed
Samuel Reikert
Audrey Watkins
Nathan Stevens
Taylor Rizzuto
Sarah Stewart
Sean Reagan
Meredith Paparone
Olivia Spradlin
Genevieve Gray

S Row
Squad Leader: Dan Saionzkowski
Assistant Squad Leader: Tori Trotto
Colleen Bendig
Joseph Bertrand
Erin Koyle
Jacob Moore
Ethan Cash
Nicholas Denino
Marshall Verbsky
Eric McPherson
Ashley Driggs
Megan Quinlan
Ethan Rose
Brooke Butler

T Row
Squad Leader: Daniel Brinker
Assistant Squad Leader: Scott Weber
Jenna Chance
Will Altman
Nicolas Cruz
Devin Sheller
Derek Walker
Christy Welder
Riley Kelch
Nicolas Miller
Adah Kinzer
Joshua Lee
Jeremy Parr
Ben Dollenmayer

X Row
Squad Leader: Abby Duncan
Assistant Squad Leader: Dan McGill
Evan Philipp
Brenna Kitchen
Matthew Brewer
Joseph Caley
Josh Coffey
Hunter DeWitt
Jason West
Jessica Findsen
Lauren Thomas
Andrew Planitz
Vanessa Rivera
Nickolas Aguirre

Student Staff
Squad Leader: Quintin O’Boyle
Assistant Squad Leader: Jacob Glorioso
Jenna Smith
Megan Wentzel
Jamel Lee
Megan Doughty
Seth Short
Rachel Giffin
Kyle Hawk
Lauren Wall
Paul Bowman
Brandon Holcomb