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The Best Damn Band In The Land

The Ohio State University Marching Band began in 1878 as a military drum corps that provided marching music for military exercises. The band became an all-brass and percussion ensemble in 1934, and currently holds the distinction of being the world’s largest ensemble of that nature, boasting 225 members.

The band is divided into 16 rows, each consisting of 14 members. J Row has 15 members because of the instrumentation (Bass Drums, Tenor Drums and Cymbals). The band’s current size and instrumentation was established in 1976 and has remained relatively unchanged ever since.

Every member of the marching band must tryout every year. To learn more about  the history, processes and other important infromation regarding the OSUMB, please click here. For information regarding the Open Enrollment Athletic Band ensemble that includes woodwind instrumentation, click here.

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